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Meet idi, the future of glucose monitoring

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The world's smallest glucose sensor,
easiliy adapted to your lifestyle.

Sensor on arm

Meet idi, the future of glucose monitoring


idi's use of microneedles, small size and elegant design make it unnoticable to the wearer. The tiny needles do not damage the skin or make contact with nerves in the skin, making them completely unfeelable.


Glucose measurements are securely transmitted to any reading device: no scanning, no wires. The open nature of idi's platform allows it to work with any device or platform you want to use to improve your health.


idi is almost entirely re-usable. Only the microneedle patch needs to be discarded every week as the electronics and applicator are rechargable. This also allows us to offer idi at a lower price than any other system currently on the market.

Sensible is working hard to make idi perfect for everyone. We would love to hear your ideas about what should be in tomorrow's glucose monitor!

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